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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Original Painting of Paul Watson & Robert Hunter being Auctioned

Preparing a big move in my life and wanting to help Sea Shepherd Conservation Society along the way with my newest painting of Paul Watson & Bob Hunter protecting a seal. There will be 25% donated to Sea Shepherd when the final bidder wins this painting.
There is also a "Donation" button set up to add to the pot to help both causes. Every person that donates/participates will receive a copy of my eBook "21st Century - The Age of Protection" that showcases 6 chapters of 6 awareness paintings along with over 50 other art pieces I have completed.
I have added other original art pieces up for auction to help aid my big transition from Canada to the USA to finally be with my wife.
Please bid/share and enjoy a piece of my soul.
If you know anything about the original Greenpeace or Sea Shepherd and/or Paul Watson & Robert Hunter then you should definitely recognize this image from a 1976 photo snapped in Labrador, Canada.
Greenpeace co-founders Paul Watson and 
Robert Hunter blockade the sealing ship, 
Arctic Endeavor, Labrador 1976

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ocean Murals In London

It was August 6th, 2013 when I arrived in London, Ontario to help Artfusion London with an amazing vision their founder Ryan Mahy envisioned. It was on a wall near his home that is approximately 81ft in height and 160ft in length. This space was and now is the home to the "Stephen Watson Memorial Mural #SWMM". This mural will replicate the last painting Stephen Watson completed before he passed August 29th, 2011 called "Octopus Garden 2".

That day I arrived I was given the job to outline as much of the mural as I could in the time I had. This ended up being the largest "FREE=HAND" art I have ever accomplished. At first it felt overwhelming just looking at this enormous canvas in front of me. Then after Ryan broke it down for me on how to accomplish the freehand work with a spray paint can I was hooked!

I was there for two days and by the time I left on August 7th other artists and volunteers were already rolling canned paint into the lines I sprayed. By the time I was complete this day I had finished most of the giant octopus' body and the head was formed. By the time paint was being put into it the mural was starting to be visualized by all passerby.

I found myself continuing to travel from Toronto to London on every day I had off to help the other artists to get this mural completed by August 30th only 24 days total. Ryan Mahy was an inspiration having seen him as the visionary and backbone of the mural with his daily efforts and most over nighters!

If you like or even love this incredible art mural work and would be interested in helping finish the back of the building with another one of Stephen Watson's paintings called "Playtime" then go to Artfusion's Indiegogo Fundraiser :)

I compiled some photos and videos of the work and artists that were a part of such a beautiful task from the moments I was in attendance.

Check the video out:

Check out this Time Lapse of the mural from start to completion by Wyatt Pate:

Check out the Block Party Celebration of the completed mural "Octopus Garden 2" with this Breakdance competition:

The list of all the amazing volunteer contributors and donators! I am honoured to be on this list!

Photo by @QuinnLawson.
Then Ryan Mahy came to me on the second day of the Block Party on August 30th, 2013 and asked me if I would like a wall space to create a mural of my own! This was a fabulous moment of my life that was like setting me free from the nest! The wall space was completely in public view and was approximately 8ft in height and 22ft in length. Check out the video I created of my first ever mural being completed.

If you would like to see these murals then go to downtown London, Ontario, Canada and the parking lot they are a part of is roughly between 197 - 199 Dundas Street.

If you do see them then Snap a photo and on Twitter use @ArtistforOcean and on Instagram use @ArtistfortheOcean to tag me!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Stephen Watson Remembered Forever

"Good things come in three's they always say!"

#TheAgeofProtection #OPSID #Marineland #SWMM #Artfustion #LndOnt #SeaShepherd

Stephen Watson, brother of the founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and an incredible Ocean Artist and Animal Loving Vegan left us August 29, 2012. Since then a few things have come alive in memory of him. The two memorials and one dedication are from Marineland Animal Defense, Artfusion, & Artist for the Ocean. From helping free captive marine animals to viewing such a historic artist's moment on a wall to also bringing awareness through an ocean art book filled with visual voices of marine life - Stephen would definitely be smiling.

Stephen's latest art pieces will be on showcase at "The Arts Project" in London with Artist for the Ocean's artwork combining two ocean art styles with the same direction - to end the killing.

Event Link: Ocean Fusion Art Show

Where: "The Arts Project" 203 Dundas Street, London, Ontario

When: July 8th - 20th

Reception: Friday July 12th  6pm - 9pm


The first one that was brought public on April 27th was by Marineland Animal Defense ( #OPSID & #Marineland ). This was the announcement of the STEPHEN WATSON MEMORIAL FUND.

"The Stephen Watson Memorial Fund is a public savings account which will grow - as the pressure from this campaign continues to grow. The funds in that account will never be released unless Marineland or a future buyer agree to end captive breeding programs, end importation of new animals and agree to transition animals out of the facility. The funds will be used for transportation and care only - getting animals out of the park and set up in their new non-profit, rehab or sanctuary homes - and will never be used to pay the park for the animals. If Marineland ever does transition and instead sends their animals to another captive for profit park - then this fund transfers to another grassroots pressure campaign at a marine park and continues with the same purpose and the same funds." ~Marineland Animal Defense

Below is a statement from Stephen’s wife, Renée Watson, on the fund.

Stephen was a man who believed in honour, integrity and living life authentically. He believed that all life had value and basic inherent rights, that being the right to live freely without imposition, oppression or fear. Although he felt this way for all sentient beings, he focused most of his energies towards increasing awareness of the plight of the oceans and the creatures living within.

Stephen was intimately connected to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society with his brother being Captain Paul Watson founder and director of this organization. Stephen’s gift as an artist was the way in which he could best support his brother’s organization, which he believed in so very much, and to bring attention to the loss and depletion of our oceans. He donated numerous art pieces to raise funds for organizations that focused their energies on keeping sea life safe and protected, in their natural environment.

The biggest affront to the largest of these ocean dwelling animals is the senseless slaughter, and perhaps worse, the capture and imprisonment of these majestic beings. MAD is a grassroots organization Stephen would be proud to be a part of. It would have given him great joy to see the end to theme parks that hold animals imprisoned, forced to entertain masses of humanity. Until that is a reality, naming this trust fund after him both honours him and keeps his presence in the struggle to shut down marine theme parks forever.

Oceans and the beings that live beneath the surface must be protected and allowed to replenish itself. For as Captain Paul would say, “if the oceans die, we die.”

Thank you
Sincerely Renée Watson.

You can help this fund build and be supportive to the animals trapped in captivity at Marineland Canada by donating to this fund at demonstrations, by pick up or drop off in the Niagara Region, or online via paypal or email money transfer to with the note “Stephen Watson Memorial Fund.”


With the friendship Stephen made with a local active event & gallery called "ARTFUSION" ( #SWMM #Artfusion #LndOnt )came an amazing project. Announced just days ago at the end of May they have scored an amazing wall in downtown London-Ontario where they will be combining donated paints and time from people to create a massive mural. Not just any mural though! This mural will be the exact painting that Stephen Watson completed prior to his passing.

WHO: Artfusion Gallery

WHAT: Painting London’s largest mural, depicting the last piece of the late Artfusion artist and ocean activist, Stephen Watson.

WHEN: August 2013, with launch event (Artfusion Fest 3) on August 30-31, 2013

WHERE: 197-199 Dundas Street in London, Ontario, Canada

WHY: The mural is in memorial of late artist Stephen Watson, who was passionate about the preservation of the world’s oceans. Tragically, Watson was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away in August 2012; his last piece, entitled Octopus’ Garden 2, is depicted on the mural. Through the preservation of the artist’s memory through art, Artfusion will achieve their mandate of transforming urban space for the purpose of economic prosperity within the creative cultural sector.

HOW: Artfusion will raise the funds necessary to complete the memorial mural and utilize our extensive networking of artists to complete the artist’s final piece to scale, making this project London’s largest mural.

Businesses have the opportunity to become an immortalized piece of history by financially supporting the Stephen Watson Memorial Mural. You can help to support Artfusion in the following ways:
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • In-Kind Donation of supplies, goods, or services
  •  Donating a portion of retail proceeds to the project

Paint Drive - The Mural

Dedication #3

A new Ocean Art Book built to create a further Visual Voice for the ocean has been dedicated in memory of Stephen Watson. The book is called "21st Century - The Age of Protection" ( #TheAgeofProtection )author Bob Timmons "Artist for the Ocean" has known Stephen for the last 4 years of his life while it took 6 years to write, paint, and prepare this book. Stephen was amongst this Book's journey from the start and it was only natural to place his name into the book as a memorial of such a great spirit and ocean artist he respected greatly.

This book has just started its own Journey in Hong Kong, China at an Ocean Fundraiser and this is one major form of what it was meant to be a part of - creating awareness! The book had an Indiegogo campaign that just ended yesterday to help make paperback books and have them donated into Large Public Schools & Librairies around the world.
The Ebook will be on display in Hong Kong - China for the month of June collecting donations for the Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project. On June 29th this Ebook will be in Melbourne-Australia helping with the event "Dolphin Awareness Campaign" at the FED Square where 50% will go to help the organizers and 50% will go to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Australia whale campaign. The help is endless and fundraising is very important to most grassroots and charitable organization because sometimes donations is all they get to move forward with positive action.

Stephen Watson has created such energy and passion from who he was when he was alive and now we have all been honoured to continue this flow while he is still around us in an energy form. So there are three amazing ways to keep Stephen's name alive from his Life's Journey of passion through art and his ethical choices for freedom of all life! You now have the choice to help where ever you would like to in Stephen's name.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

World Ocean Day Book Release!

World Ocean Day Book Release!

JUNE 8th - 2013

21st Century - The Age of Protection

Not only a voice for the ocean;
              This is a journey of an artist”

 Six long years in the making and the book is finally complete!  

30 Days before the World Ocean Day Ebook Launch an Indiegogo Campaign was launched to "Help" this new very informative book that gives Marine Life a Voice become a paperback book to be donated to schools and libraries. This book was compiled of facts of marine life slaughters, government actions and non-action, and organizations from grass-roots up doing great work.

'EDUCATE to ACTIVATE' Help '21st Century - The Age Of Protection' Into Schools by joining the campaign

There is an Ocean Crisis that needs to be truthfully told &
Why Not through a Visual Voice!

This book has created a visual voice for thousands of marine life calls for action! From sharks, whales, seals, dolphins, turtles, and mass communities by overfishing. These lives have a story that need to be told in order to stop the attrocities inflicted upon them.

A lot of great action from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been documented on a few paintings along with the immediate story on how their actions inspired me to paint them with the whales and seals - Chapters 2 & 3 & 6

Summary from the Book:

"We along with several other species, are being faced with the possibility of extinction.  As a result of extensive research, I have drawn the conclusion that sometime within the past 50-60 years, 90% of everything living on the planet has been affected in a devastating manner.  As an example, currently only 10% of wild lions, sharks and coral reefs remain.  Deforestation is becoming as commonplace as climate change.  One thing is for certain:  Homo sapiens are directly responsible for these atrocities against nature.

A crucial and urgent choice faces us:  we can either continue on this path of extinction or immediately start to protect what we love - LIFE!

I wrote this book in response to the issue of shark finning, initially raised over six years ago with the release of the film, Sharkwater.  At that time, my paintings reflected current issues affecting the world’s oceans, and how we, as a species, were literally transforming this biosphere into a world of waste and consumption.  I also became better acquainted with the conservation actions of Sea Shepherd and their Antarctic whaling campaigns. 

These issues were really brought home for me, when I became personally involved in the first land campaign to bring awareness to the dolphin and whale slaughter happening annually in Taiji, Japan; witnessed the collapse of the seal pelt industry as a result of world exposure of the Canadian harp seal slaughter, and finally saw legal protections enacted for sea turtles.

I have recreated these issues on canvas, providing a face and voice to help one understand the issues as described in the following chapters."

I believe in this book after putting so much time in researching and documenting over the years. This journey showed me what passion truly is and how compassion is such a powerful feeling.

Let's give the children the tools of "Truth" so this world has a chance to speak and positive changes can occur.

21st Century - The Age of Protection

Chapter Paintings & Description

This painting is one of my awareness paintings that speaks visually for the sharks. Sharks are being killed by the millions annually, 90 million actually for their fins alone. That means the fins are removed and the living body is thrown back to the ocean to lessen the weight on the ship to allow more fins to be stored. These fins are then sold mostly to Hong Kong, China and around the world to Chinese medicine shops and restaurants. Shark fin soup is the main item for the fins and can be sold between $25 and $150 a bowl.

This is the 1st Chapter of my book "21st Century - The Age of Protection" 

This is one of my awareness paintings that I painted the visual voice for the whales. The whales are suppose to be protected from a International Moratorium put in place in 1986 by the International Whaling Commission. The Japanese government fails to abide by this protection and uses the word "Research" as their reasons to travel tens of thousands of miles to kill 1035 whales annually. This painting also speaks about the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society that upholds international law to stop the killing of the whales and protect them in the whale sanctuary.

This is the Second Chapter of my book "21st Century - The Age of Protection"

The story behind this painting is regarding the 2008 global impacts on harp seals in Canada. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society had a ship of the Canadian coast in International waters witnessing the seal hunt. Later the European Union banned the purchase of Harp Seal Fur from Canada.

This is the 3rd Chapter of my book "21st Century - The Age of Protection" 

This is one of my awareness paintings for the Dolphins. It gives one a visual voice to share the struggles that dolphins that pass by a small town in Japan called Taiji have to endure. With 23,000 dolphins killed annually in Japan's waters and the removal of young female orphan dolphins into entertainment industries this story must be told!

This is the 4th Chapter of my book "21st Century - The Age of Protection" 

This is one of my awareness paintings that gives a visual voice for the Sea Turtles. There are only seven species of sea turtles and all of them are either endangered or threatened or both. They have so much going against them naturally with survival however when adding in the human species actions the turtles survival is grave. Many good action is happening very slowly but it is happening.

This painting is the 5th Chapter of my book "21st Century - The Age of Protection"

This is one of my awareness paintings that give a visual story of Overfishing and the plight of the Blue Fin Tuna. This action is depleting the ocean of millions of species and causing such an unsustainable action that will ultimately cause the collapse of the commercial fishing industry globally. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Ships are painted into this canvas and story due to their campaign in 2010 called Blue Rage where they set out to stop poaching of the Blue Fin Tuna.

This is the 6th Chapter of my book "21st Century - The Age of Protection" 

Thank you
Bob Timmons
Artist, Author, Activist

Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Earth Warriors Award" Goes To!


The nominations came in and choices have been made to receive such a gratious award for such compassionate individuals!

Earth Warriors Award was created by Bob Timmons, "Artist for the Ocean" because he has seen such great actions from people, businesses, and grassroots organizations that he feels need to receive an honour of recognition. This recognition can get their story out past the walls in their area and hopefully create more opportunities as people learn about the journey they are on and how they may be able to help and/or support. This month has 4 "Earth Warriors Awards" being sent out to very much deserving individuals for their incredible work for life on this planet.

We created different categories to Award a Celebrity Activist, Business, Personal Activist, and a Charitable Organization for this month of February. This gives everyone more stories to read and learn about and also more ways to help.

The categories are:

1. Celebrity Activist: This category is for an activist that is world reknowned for their years of effort and accomplishments. This does not mean they make millions doing movies for entertainment purposes however may have completed some documentaries that have helped the journey they are on to educate the public. This category's "Earth Warriors Award" goes to RIC O'BARRY!

Ric O'Barry has done some amazing action for the Dolphin Species and the ocean itself. He has been traveling the world to help any dolphin in distress ever since his co-host "Cathy" from the show "Flipper" died and made him realize they did not belong in captivity. At this point Ric opened his eyes and mind to shut the marine animal exploitation industry down. Ric is involved with Earth Island Institute and Ric O'Barry's The Dolphin Project.

In 2009, the oscar winning documentary "The Cove" hit the theatres showcasing Ric and his efforts in the small village of Japan named Taiji. In Taiji they have a "Drive - Fishery" action where they go out miles into the ocean and find dolphins in a feeding area and drive them back using an imaginary wall of sound. Here is when the action of picking desirable dolphins and the rest of the "Family Pod" are killed for food. This is something not only Ric wants to see an end to but the entire activist world.

We are honoured to give Ric O'Barry an "Earth Warriors Award" for his past, present, and future efforts for the Dolphins and the Ocean.

Follow Ric O'Barry and Share this Award with him on his Twitter Accounts: Ric O'Barry, The Dolphin Project, and Earth Island Institute!

2. Personal Activist: This category is for an activist that may not be well-known but has done great efforts that have been noticeable. This category's "Earth Warriors Award" goes to PHIL DEMERS!

Phil Demers was the first whistle blower of the infamous "Marineland Canada" in Niagara Falls. He had worked at this establishment for over a decade and witnessed some odd events but it wasn't until 2012 that he witnessed cruelty beyond belief. It was off season time when Phil witnessed skin peeling off dolphins and the eyes of many of the marine animals were bad and/or become blind. This horrific situation was enough to push Phil to quit his position as a marine animal trainer and that is when he told his story to the Toronto Star.
The Toronto Star created an amazing buzz globally and especially locally to Ontario regarding animal abuse that was happening behind the walls of Marineland Canada. Phil's actions started the ball rolling and more employees were quitting and coming forward to explain their experiences and witnessing of cruelty that they felt needed to be exposed and stopped to protect the animals.

This situation is still going on and Marineland is starting to sue many people they believe have participated in the exposure including Phil Demers. Phil is being sued for 1.5 million dollars and has set up an Indiegogo fundraiser to help with lawyer costs to fight this corporation called "Marineland Canada" that has been mistreating and hiding animal abuse for decades.

We are honoured to give Phil Demers an "Earth Warriors Award" for his past, present, and future efforts for the exposure and possibly shutdown of Marineland Canada and awakening minds about Captivity.

Follow and Share this article with Phil Demers on his Twiiter account!

3. Charitable Organization: This category is for an low-key organization that does great things! Its an organization that only gets donations to keep running. This category's "Earth Warriors Award" goes to Rose Gergely founder of Refuge RR for Horses!

Rose Gergely started Refuge RR for Horses a couple decades ago with only horses and in Quebec, Canada. Within the first couple years Rose moved the Refuge to Alexandria, Ontario where she not only takes in abused and neglected horses but she has increased her animal residency to 480 animals ranging from mice, hamsters, cats, dogs, goats, ducks, cows, chickens, pigs, all the way to 80 horses.

Rose is a powerful lady with energy to save save save animals in distress. She has extremely limited space now but continues to utilize her network to place animals in adoption and/or foster homes. She cannot turn away an animal that is in need of medical help since all the animals in the refuge have come from abusive natured situations. Rose single-handed feeds these animals on a daily basis while her small dedicated team of volunteers create ideas to continue raising money to help feed all these animals.

Recently the refuge completed a 2 year challenge they had regarding no water. Not one animal felt the stress of no water available on the property since Rose and her team continued to work hard to pay for truckloads of water on a weekly basis that could cost up to $1200 a week in a hot summer. This challenge was completed in December 2012 when a drilling company struck water on the property and set up a slow trickle system to allow the well to last forever!

Rose does not get a break, a vacation, or time alone with 480 animals however today we are honoured to give Rose Gergely the "Earth Warriors Award" for her past, present, and future actions to give a safe haven to abused animals of all types and sizes!

Follow Refuge RR for Horses on Facebook and share this article.

4. Non-Profit Organization: This category is similar to the Charitable Organization. This category's "Earth Warriors Award" goes to PROMAR & Volunteers!

PROMAR is from Spain and stands for "PROGRAMA EN DEFENSEA DE LA MARINA". This non-profit has been noticed recently for their efforts with a baby dolphin named Marcos that was found abandoned, alone, and in need of help last August 2012 near Roquetas de Mar on the Southern part of Spain. This dolphin was of the Black Stripe dolphin species a palegic animal that never sees land.

PROMAR and their volunteers worked around the clock to do what they can to help make Marcos stay as comfortable, loving, and safe as they possibly could. Ric O'Barry was involved at the beginning of the rescue helping the volunteers set up Marcos seapen. The efforts went on for months and sadly earlier this month Marcos passed away.

We are honoured to give PROMAR & Volunteers an "Earth Warriors Award" for his past, present, and future efforts for their help not only with Marcos the Striped Dolphin but with other marine life rehab & release programs.

You can read an article in more details about Marcos' Story here: MARCOS


All of these amazing Earth Warriors will receive their award in the next week or so! Please share the word and get involved for the month of March nominations soon to be launched at the Facebook page "ARTIST for the OCEAN".

Honouring these 4 Earth Warriors with their amazing efforts: Ric O'Barry, Phil Demers,
Rose Gergely of Refuge RR for Horses, & PROMAR and Volunteers.